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Soap vs Sanitiser – Which Is More Effective?

Amidst this entire COVID-19 ordeal lies a basic principle that many of us can say takes a back seat in our lives. Our hygiene. From washing our bodies to brushing our teeth, everyday tasks we complete such as these are critical parts of lives but most of us will write...

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Why Change to Natural Soap?

What is natural soap? Natural soaps are unique because they are made from plant based products and essential oil blends which puts them in the classification of mild soap. There should be no artificial ingredients added to any soap that claims to be natural and their...

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Is Triple Milled Soap Better Than Normal Soap?

"Triple Milled Soap" the new buzz word of the soap industry has been turning heads but is there really any difference to the normal soap we have been buying for years? The French started it years ago (can also be referred to as French Milled Soap) and nowadays many...

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Natural Treatments for Acne

What Causes Acne? Our skin is covered by tiny hair follicles that have glands which produce oil (called sebum) helping protect our skin and hair from drying out. Sometimes dead skin cells on our body can become trapped in the sebum instead of rising to the top of the...

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How Often Should You Wash?

Everyone has their own daily routine for keeping clean - it might include a hot or cold shower, washing your hair and brushing your teeth. For many it will also include the use of a range of hygiene products. We all perform our routine differently, and it goes without...

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Spoil Dad this Father’s Day

Spoiling dad is really easy this Father’s Day with some special soap choices that will awaken his senses and have him smelling fresh all day. Personal hygiene is something men nowadays pride themselves on. There has been a boom in men’s personal care products so why...

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How to look after your skin this winter

What happens to our skin in Winter? At this time of year our skin really bears the brunt of the cold winter weather. We tend to stay indoors more, which for many of us means we are regularly within an artificially heated environment. Outside our skin is exposed to UV...

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