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With the Goats Milk and Soya Bean Oil soap,
l have thrown away all my beauty products
and l now use this on my face.
l think l have discovered the
fountain of youth!.
Charlotte, NSW.

Quality Australian made
natural soap contains no
sodium lauryl sulfate or

Our pure and natural soaps are Australian made with the finest quality sustainable palm oils, glycerine and other natural ingredients. These rich oils produce a soap bar high in pure glycerine - a natural moisturiser and humectant which helps to retain moisture and clean your skin without stripping it of your body's natural oils leaving you feeling soft and smooth.

Our products contain no animal fats, no petro-chemical products and no sodium lauryl sulfate and our environmentally friendly packaging is fully biodegradable.

We have searched long and hard to find the most luscious botanical scents, infusing each natural soap bar with a light yet long lasting fragrance. Bring the beauty of Australia’s natural environment into your home today. Shop now.